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RoleNameTwitter Handle Creator/Developer of [email protected] Creator/Developer of PhotonCinnamon [email protected]_Carter PM & MarketingMatt [email protected] Social MediaDavid [email protected] Mining [email protected] Media & [email protected] Community OutreachOTC [email protected]_Buyer TG Admin [email protected]
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Download our Wallet by clicking on the relevant OS below: Click Icon Below to Download: Click Icon Below to Download: Click Icon Below to Download: Click Icon Below to Download:

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Jackson Isai? Tu quoque … A te quidem a ante. Vos scitis quod blinking res Ive ‘been vocans super vos? Et conteram illud, et conteram hoc. Maledicant druggie excors. Iam hoc tu facere conatus sum ad te in omni tempore? Ludum mutavit. Verbum est ex. Et … sunt occidat. Videtur quod est super omne oppidum. […]

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You can purchase Photon from the following exchanges:

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Blake 256

Why Blake-256? ▫️The simplicity of the algorithm ▫️interface for hashing with a salt ▫️reward for mining Photon does NOT decrease over time ▫️Reward increases with block height and difficulty ▫️No reduction of mining hash rate or Power Efficiency over time ▫️Fast in both Software and Hardware ▫️Parellelism and throughput/area trade-off for hardware implentation ▫️simple speed/confidence […]

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